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Cold Regions and Water Science Centre

The Cold Regions Research Centre was established in 1988, evolving from a large multidisciplinary, research & training, project on snow & ice hydrology in the Karakoram Himalaya of Pakistan that was based in WLU’s geography department. While the Centre’s initial focus was on arctic & mountain glaciology & hydrology, since 1990 the scope & role of the Centre within the geography department & the university has broadened.

Today the CRRC is a focus of cold regions (mountain & northern) research consulting on topics such as hydrology,  climatology, glaciology, resource management, parks planning & biogeochemistry.


  • facilitate interdisciplinary research and teaching about cold regions;
  • facilitate academic and field training of students in a range of cold regions disciplines and locations;
  • provide a locus for interaction among faculty and between faculty and students interested in cold regions research and problems;
  • encourage cooperation and links with other cold regions research and training centres and organizations.

Main Activities

  • research space & facilities for affiliated graduate students;
  • maintain cold regions research aids & support;
  • maintain contacts with northern & other research institutes interested in cold regions;
  • sponsor regular invited speaker series;
  • provide public & educational talks on cold regions topics.


Latest update: 06.11.2023