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Institute Of Energy And Sustainable Development

The objectives of the Institute are to:

  • Conduct interdisciplinary research into energy and related fields; study international experience and technologies and promote their adoption in Georgia; 
  • Provide scientific input in energy-related education and contribute to raising awareness in the field by increasing access to scientific literature; translate scientific literature, compile selected readings and develop study programmes.
  • Provide research input into energy policy development and strategic decision-making.  

Key areas of activity:

  • Study Georgian and international energy-related policies and strategies; provide long-term energy planning and conduct cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects;
  • Study interaction of energy, environment, economic and social systems and issues relating to sustainable development by using system dynamics methodology;
  • Assess the criteria and conditions of sustainable development;
  • Study Sustainable Energy Technologies and promote their development and application by providing expertise for enhancing state policy and legal framework in this field;
  • Explore cutting-edge technologies and best practices and examine the possibilities of their application in Georgia;
  • Study energy markets, as well as issues relating to competition and regulations; adjustment to energy markets, licensing and tariff regulations.

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Latest update: 05.12.2023