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Center for Sustainable Development Studies

Toyo University’s Center for Sustainable Development Studies (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) was established in 2001 within the University’s Graduate School of Regional Development Studies as an Open Research Center under the High-Tech Research Center Project for Private Universities implemented by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). After conducting activities for eight years to the end of fiscal 2008, the Center suspended its activities in fiscal 2009 following the end of the Ministry’s project. In fiscal 2010, however, the Center’s activity plan was adopted under the Strategic Research Base Development Program for Private Universities provided by MEXT and the Center resumed its activities, which lasted until the end of fiscal 2014. Then, in fiscal 2015, the Ministry adopted another action plan made by the Center. Accordingly, the Center has made a fresh start for the next five years, with an eye to making use of the findings and expertise obtained through its past research activities and fostering the expansion of research bases, as described in the adopted action plan.

The Center aims to conduct research activities by focusing on the creation of research bases and the promotion of collaboration in Japan and abroad (mainly in Asian countries) based on the theme of developing international contribution methods that are both localized for Asia and Africa and suitable for a globalized world. Further, it aims to conduct research and implement measures for international contribution, specifically to foster the implementation of measures for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as post-MDG indicators to be referred to in giving support to developing countries. The Center will expand its previous Asian-focused research target to include Africa with a view to developing universal methods to foster the endogenous development of developing countries through the enhancement of social infrastructure and in a manner suitable for the era of globalization.

The Center is composed of researchers, who are regular faculty members of Toyo University, guest researchers invited from Japan and abroad, research assistants, and administration support personnel. It will conduct research on three themes. Thus structured, the Center, will annually hold international symposiums/workshops to which it will invite international experts in relevant fields, such as the development of developing countries. Further, it will hold public seminars in Japan for interested citizens and professionals engaged in the related fields, issue newsletters in both Japanese and English to share information about its research projects, and publish an annual report. Moreover, it will publish books on endogenous development trends in Asia and Africa and international contributions, support endogenous development in developing countries through its overseas bases, and promote the socially beneficial use of its research results. All members of the Center are determined to make a concerted effort to fulfill its mission, for which I would ask for your kind support.

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Latest update: 29.11.2023