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Campus Sustainability Council - Tufts University

In January 2012, President Tony Monaco first convened the Campus Sustainability Council.  The group focused on advancing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste, energy and water use.  The Council established goals and monitored achievements in these areas via several working groups, and released a report in 2013 to share their findings.

Second Nature Climate Commitment

Acknowledging deep concerns about the potential impact of climate change on our institution and community, President Monaco signed the Second Nature Climate Commitment in April 2016, making Tufts one of 93 charter signatories. The commitment requires higher education institutions to set targets, report on progress publicly, and collaborate with their surrounding community, while integrating sustainability across the curriculum.

Council for the Sustainability of Campus Operations

In February 2017, President Monaco convened a new Council for the Sustainability of Campus Operations to help meet the ambitious demands of this commitment.  The council will provide leadership and oversight for developing and executing a plan for Tufts to reach carbon neutrality. The council will prescribe strategies to engage the full Tufts community in actions to conserve energy use, and recommend development of capital projects and operational approaches that minimize the use of fossil fuels. These strategies include metering individual buildings, power generation, energy procurement and expanding a revolving greenfund to support these efforts.

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