IKIAM Amazon Regional University

Ikiam - Universidad Regional Amazónica

Km 8 vía a Muyuna,
Tena, Ecuador

 IKIAM Amazon Regional University

The Ikiam Amazon Regional University is a public higher education institution, created in 2013, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. It is focused on the development of knowledge, science and quality training for the conservation and sustainability of natural resources. The university is committed to contributing solutions to the social and environmental challenges currently facing Ecuador, the Region and the world and it is specialized in academic training and research for environmental sustainability. Its name comes from the idea of ​​“Ikiam”, which means “jungle” in the Shuar indigenous language and is conceived as an institution of higher education, destined to contribute to the transformation of the social, productive and environmental structure, to train professionals and academics with skills and knowledge that respond to the growing needs related to national and international development and the construction of citizenship. Natural wealth is the fundamental pillar for the Academy and Ikiam has a strategic location, in the heart of the Amazon, which makes it the only institution of higher education, with a living laboratory, such as the Colonso-Chalupas Biological Reserve. declared as such, by means of an agreement issued by the Ministry of the Environment, on February 26, 2014 and promulgated in the Official Registry No. 218, of April 3 of the same year. In the short period of institutional life of the Ikiam Amazon Regional University, careers such as Geosciences, Ecosystems, Water Sciences, Agroecology, Biotechnology, Biotrade, Sustainable Architecture, Experimental Sciences, are the plausible example of the results obtained through a transparent, efficient and effective management of resources.

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