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The Learning Places project - Space-oriented educational processes in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

The Learning Places project, a space oriented educational process in Germany, would like to expand the everyday education with fascinating and exciting learning places outside of school! Places of learning such as forests, nature reserves, museums, theatres, libraries and companies open up educational processes for real-life learning. They enable space-oriented access to knowledge, experience and understanding. This also applies to almost all school subjects that combine theoretical knowledge with practical approaches by experiencing places in a new way and non-school actors offering alternative forms of learning.

The Learning Places project wants to make such places of learning visible to learners and teachers, with the aim to give them the opportunity to select learning locations specifically according to their interests and needs and to be guided on site with their senses and emotions. The project also serves as a networking platform for space-oriented educational processes, which wants to make extracurricular learning locations in the city more public for everyone who has "lifelong learning" as a basic concern. 

Become a place of learning as an actor on the website or suggest/recommend a place of learning as a private individual.

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Latest update: 25.09.2023