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Helpdesk against gender based violence - The University of Bologna

The helpdesk against gender based violence service offers a protected environment for counselling and providing support for the various forms of violence that can occur both within and outside the university, by partners, family members, acquaintances and strangers.

Who is it for

The service is aimed at the entire Bologna university community: students, professional staff, teaching and research staff, collaborators of the University in their various capacities, CEL, readers, tutors, language trainers and research fellows.

What it offers

The service is free of charge and offers: 

  • one-to-one interviews 
  • telephone helpline and online support program
  • activation of the emergency procedure, to immediately protect the person 
  • information on the services, reference figures and institutional bodies of the University 
  • liaison with the network of services and specialized local associations 
  • other services

How to apply

The helpdesk is available by appointment by contacting the service via e-mail, phone or WhatsApp.

Learn more about the University of Bologna Helpdesk against gender based violence service. 

Latest update: 26.09.2023