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Water Conservation Program

ASU campus water use efficiency

Reducing water consumption and protecting water quality are key objectives in sustainable buildings.  Therefore, at Applied Science Private University, many projects have been developed to sustain all natural available resources and enhance the recycle of natural resources.  For instance, grey water and harvested rooftops rain water have been one of the most successful projects in study and implementation phases.  That is, harvested rooftops water is collected where an average monthly volume of harvested rooftops water is 365 m3. In this project, rooftop rain water was collected, treated, and quality tested before and after treatment by on-site treatment lab.​

On-site rooftops rain water treatment lab

In addition, a preliminary project of grey water reuse is under analysis.  For instance, initial studies have shown a volume of 493 L/day in fall semester, and 364 L/day in summer semester). The treated grey water can be used in re-flushing systems and irrigation of campus facilities to save fresh water and become an environmental friendly campus

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Latest update: 05.12.2023