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Student Live Projects: Learning Beyond the Classroom

The Student Live Projects initiative compiles live projects from Lovely Professional University and creates an easy to use database of current projects. Some past examples have included: 

  • Village Development Project With The Govt. Of Punjab

The SATHI initiative ensures overall development of the villages through university engagement. Through SATHI, LPU students and faculty endeavor to facilitate skill development and employment generation.

  • Students Build Solar Powered Car

Students designed and built a solar car that claims to do away with costly fuel options and promises the "highest mileage on solar energy". Hitting the roads soon!

  • Flying Farmer

Conceptulized and built by LPU students, Flying Farmer is a wireless sensor device used in farming and field survey of forests. It plays an important role in enhancing mapping and survey of yield and biomass. By using this technology, one can support and increase the precision in farming with different sensors and also estimate nutrient content.

And many more

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Latest update: 28.11.2023