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Right to Food Week

Each year, at the end of November, many towns in Catalonia (Spain) organize a charitable campaign to collect food for those in need. The UOC wants to use this initiative to highlight the famine in the world and to provide information on food security, nutrition and sustainability. Right to Food Week lets the academic experts from the UNESCO Chair in Food, Culture and Development and the Faculty of Health Sciences at the UOC raise awareness among the university community on how to contribute to the planet’s sustainability and ensure that everyone has enough food without using up all the natural resources or destroying the biodiversity. The UOC works alongside charitable bodies, such as the Nutrition Without Borders NGO or Nuttrapp, to raise awareness of the causes of inequality in terms of access to food, to foster university research into these issues and to increase students’ social skills so that they can face up to these global challenges.

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Latest update: 16.11.2023