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Observatory of Energy and Sustainable Development

Mission and Vision

With an independent point of view, we aim to produce specific knowledge and information about the energy sector, contributing to the sustainable development of our country and region, through a multidimensional approach that integrates the economic, technological, environmental, legal and social issues. Our activities should also foster the development of qualified human resources.

We seek to be recognized by all players as a valuable reference for analysis and prospective studies of the country and region’s energy sector, contributing to a constructive debate with all the sector’s stakeholders, public, private and the community. 

The Observatory promotes academic research by supporting the development of academic programs. It is closely related to the Master's Program in Energy Management, which is taught at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. It has the Master's Degree in Energy Management, a program for energy professionals, who seek a balance between technical skills and business knowledge.

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Observatory of Energy and Sustainable Development (in Spanish) 

Latest update: 20.11.2023