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Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences

The Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences (DiAAA after the Italian denomination: Dipartimento di Agricoltura, Ambiente e Alimenti) promotes, coordinates and participates in research and teaching activities that are mirrored by the scientific disciplines that make up its Bachelor and Master Degree courses.

The liaison between research and teaching activities as well as the transfer / dissemination of results and innovation are primary goals of the DiAAA.

The liaison between research and teaching activities relies on qualified skills and expertise (see Academic Staff) that are involved in all the courses at all university education levels that are offered by the Department (Bachelor Courses, Master Degree Courses, PhD Programs, 1-year Master Programs).

Research and teaching activities of the DiAAA deal with issues related to the science of agricultural and agro-environmental systems and, in particular, with food production, food transformation and technology, crop defense, biotechnology, engineering, management, food security and sustainability.

The mission and objectives of the DiAAA address the guidelines of the European Research and Innovation Framework Program “Horizon 2020″:

Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Bio-economy

Actions for addressing the Climate Change, efficiency in the utilization of resources and of raw material

DiAAA’s commitment is designed to expand economic and social opportunities by identifying innovative products, processes and services. Research and innovation for the agro-environmental and food systems achieved by the DiAAA are transferred to end-users and stakeholders to foster the creation of jobs and to improve the quality of life.

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