MOOC "Climate Change Education: From Knowledge to Action"

The Office for Climate Education (OCE) launches the innovative online course: "Climate Change Education: From Knowledge to Action", an opportunity for teachers all over the world to learn how to teach about climate change online and for free. The program was created to help primary and middle school teachers to develop solid scientific knowledge and useful pedagogical skills to tackle climate change in the classroom. 

"Climate Change Education: From Knowledge to Action"  Massive Open Online Course

This online course, designed by experts in climate science and pedagogy, proposes diversified resources and tools about climate and weather, greenhouse effect, the impacts of global warming and active pedagogies. It integrates the topic of climate into a wide variety of lessons based on various supports such as videos, document analysis, serious game and quizzes. This online course aims to help teachers to become familiar with new active pedagogies and to inspire them to implement actions in the classroom through the use of the investigative approach, project pedagogy and the analysis of the emotions.


Hosted on the FEE Academy platform, the online course “Climate Change Education: From Knowledge to Action” is accessible online and for free. By joining it, you’ll be part of an international community gathering teachers, educators and scientists. Registration to this online course gives unconditional access to the platform, which includes resources available anywhere and anytime. This self-paced learning mode course has been designed to adapt to teachers' schedules and workloads.

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Latest update: 26.09.2023