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Social Outreach at the University of Costa Rica

The University of Costa Rica, built upon the pillars of Teaching, Student Life, Research, and Social Action, is an institution committed to the country's development through the education of compassionate professionals, the expansion of cultural heritage, and the creation of alternative forms of knowledge. 

Social Action is one of the fundamental pillars of the University's work, and is at the core of the humanistic education offered to students. 

Social Action fosters a dynamic, critical, and dialogical relationship between society and the University, respecting all forms of knowledge. It promotes processes of learning and social transformation with all sectors to contribute to the full development of human capacities and achieve a just, inclusive, participatory, environmentally sustainable society that respects human rights and diversity.

Find out more on Portal on Social Action of the University of Costa Rica. (Website in Spanish)

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Latest update: 13.03.2024