University of the Republic


University of the Republic

Universidad de la República
Av. 18 de Julio 1968
11200 Montevideo
Uruguay University of the Republic

The University of the Republic (Udelar) is the main institution of higher education and research in Uruguay. He works in all areas of knowledge and culture. All of its undergraduate courses are open and free.

The University is made up of faculties, schools , institutes and, in the interior, by regional university centers, each with its co-government spaces. They are called services, like other central units of Udelar.

The University is public, autonomous and co-governed. You can participate directly in the Udelar government. Decisions here are made by the student, teacher, and graduate community itself, through representatives in resolution bodies.

The main functions of the University are teaching, research and extension, with a deep commitment to the society of which it is a part.

The University participates on Uruguay's SDG Integration.

Latest update: 04/12/2023