University of the French Antilles

University of the French Antilles

Université des Antilles
97100 Saint-Claude
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The University of the French Antilles is a French public university, based in the French West Indies.

The University has 3 campuses:

two in Guadeloupe: Fouillole (Pointe-à-Pitre) and Saint-Claude,
one in Martinique: Schœlcher (while there is also the campus of the IUFM in Fort-de-France and the medical campus (CHRU, a regional university hospital) of La Meynard in Le Lamentin).

It was previously part of a larger institution in combination with campuses in French Guiana known as the University of the French West Indies and Guiana. As a result of funding disputes, that university was separated into two distinct institutions based on its constituent parts in French Guiana and the Lesser Antilles respectively. The separation process was completed by 1 January 2015.

The University of the French Antilles carries out the public service missions of higher education and research entrusted to the universities by the State:

Initial and continuing training; Scientific and technological research, the dissemination and promotion of its results; Guidance and professional integration; Dissemination of culture and scientific and technical information; Participation in the construction of the European Higher Education and Research Area; International cooperation.

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