University of Petra


University of Petra

جامعة البترا
Airport Rd. 317

Located in West Amman, the University of Petra's friendly campus houses 8024 undergraduate and graduate students in the faculties of:

Arts and Sciences, Administrative & Financial Sciences, Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, Information Technology, Architecture & Design, Law and Mass Communication, Faculty of Engineering.

The University is a hub for creating knowledge through research, developing skills, applying knowledge to new technologies, and technology transfer.

Therefore, UOP utilizes its friendly-to-use campus to unleash the minds of men and women towards new horizons of thought, philosophy and logic. It provides an intriguing environment of freedom of thought, inquiry, interactive and blended learning, and R&D facilities. The University is aggressive in developing an outreach program for community development and engaging in regional and international sciences for bridging with other scientists, journals, and symposia to reach solutions to social problems, open new opportunities of employment and eradicate poverty.

In its endeavor to achieve this, UOP has achieved the ISO 9001 of Management for supporting higher education certificate and the certificate of Quality Assurance of the Higher Education Accreditation Commission; In addition, the University is 1st runner-up on the QS ranking of private universities. UOP works toward quality, relevance and alignment in terms of teaching and research, as well as bridging with industry, public and private sectors and with the community at large.

Latest update: 05/25/2022

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