Linnaeus University


Linnaeus University

P G Vejdes väg
351 95 Växjö

Linnaeus University is located in Växjö and Kalmar and offers over 200 degree programmes and 1500 single-subject courses. It offers different subjects within arts and humanities, health and life sciences, the social sciences, the natural sciences, technology, and business and economics. There are also a number of different contract educations, like the headmaster training and police education.

Linnaeus University wants to make the most of and strengthen the creativity that is generated in knowledge environments that integrate scientific and artistic research, challenging education, and innovative collaboration. The university wants to achieve this by developing an open, critical, and cross-boundary knowledge creation with and for people and society. Its activities should be characterized by successful ways of working for students’ and members of staff’s intercultural, interdisciplinary, and international learning and co-creation in creative learning environments.

Sustainability @ Linnaeus University

As a university, there is an important role to play in the common work for a sustainable future. Through the research and the programmes, and by practicing what is being preached, there is a creation of a sustainable university – ecologically, economically, and socially.

Coordinator for Sustainable Development: 

Johan Älvgren (

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Latest update: 03/24/2023