University of Carthage

University of Carthage

Université de Carthage
Sidi Bou Said، Avenue de la République

The University of Carthage (UCAR), founded in 1988, is a Tunisian public training and research establishment which is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
UCAR, through its various institutions, is a multidisciplinary university which issues 289 diplomas at the various levels of training, namely the preparatory cycles for engineering studies and the Aggregation, Licenses (75), Masters of Research (57), Professional Masters (69), National Engineering Diplomas (48), National Audiovisual Diplomas (01) and Doctorates (40).

The university has 3,191 permanent teacher-researchers providing, in addition to their training and supervision mission, training through research at the level of Doctoral Schools (8) and organized research activity within the framework of laboratories (56) and units (18).

This significant potential of human resources is administratively and technically supported by a staff of 1588, between administrators (604), engineers and technicians (420) and workers (564).

The student body has 30,206 enrolled in the various institutions spread over several sites which are deployed in the north-eastern region of the country.

Latest update: 04/17/2023