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Sophia University is a community devoted to human development, pursuing truth and values rooted in a Christian worldview. Each member of the community is called on to participate in building up the University, fulfilling their respective roles with a sense of joint responsibility and humility, while recognizing the dignity and fundamental human rights of others.

Faculty members, understanding the importance of academic research and of deepening their own studies, are responsible for passing on to coming generations the spiritual and intellectual culture of humankind. They must also focus attention on various contemporary issues, working to raise consciousness of the problems confronting the human race.

Students, while conducting studies in their chosen field, must nurture a keen awareness of issues in contemporary society and develop their power of discernment. In this way they will be able to build their own character and gain the ability to contribute constructively to society .

The University, drawing on our special nature, provides opportunities to study Christianity and its culture. At the same time we recognize the diversity of thought and encourage academic study of many different ideas, thereby cultivating insightful and critical thinking about the problems facing humankind and the world.

Academic progress requires maintaining a rigorous scholarly approach while guaranteeing freedom of thought and study. Accordingly, the University does not tolerate political or ideological pressure and any intervention of authorities on thinking and research.

Opening windows widely to today's rapidly changing world, and sharing the hopes and tribulations of humanity, we wish to devote ourselves to the welfare and creative advancement of the world.

Latest update: 05/23/2022

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