Shigakkan University


Shigakkan University

Yokonemachi, Obu-shi
55, Nakoyama

The history of Shigakkan can be traced back to Chukyo Sewing Girls’ School, founded by Tamae Naiki in 1905 with an aim to enhance the economic independence and social status of women. Chukyo Girls’ High School was established as an annex in 1921, and the unique educational program focusing on housekeeping and physical exercise made the institution the pioneer in female teacher education in the Chukyo region.

The educational philosophy of the institution was inherited by the Chukyo Women’s Junior College and Chukyo Women’s University, which were inaugurated in 1950 and 1963, respectively. They produced several Olympic medalists in wrestling and became highly acclaimed in the field of physical education. In 2010, the institutes were renamed Shigakkan University and Shigakkan University Junior College and opened their doors as coeducational institutions.

Latest update: 05/23/2022

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