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McMaster University was founded in Toronto in 1887 with the first three faculties being Arts, Science and Divinity. The university collaborates across disciplines to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, working together to improve people’s lives and contribute to the global knowledge base.

The university has the purpose to advance human and societal health and well-being, which depend on sharing creative, diverse thoughts and ideas.

Sustainability @ McMaster University

Transforming McMaster’s campus into a living laboratory for sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion is a university priority. 

In the summer of 2021, engagement sessions took place with various student, faculty, and staff from across the campus community and from this a set of principles to help guide the strategy were developed. In an open survey, the majority of students, faculty and staff who responded agreed with the proposed guiding principles, which are indigeneity, equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion, sustainability work as a collaborative, innovative solutions tailored to the community and sharing and recognizing sustainability progress and achievements across the community.

Find out more about Sustainability in McMaster University, the strategy and survey:

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Latest update: 04/05/2023