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Univerzita Karlova v Praze
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Charles University was founded in 1348 during the rule of King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. It became the first Studium generale north of the Alps and east of Paris.

Charles University is one of the most important scientific and educational institutions not only in the Czech Republic, but in Europe, too. It is a research-oriented university that persistently adheres to the historical traditions of one of the oldest seats of learning and carries out a crucial role in the scientific, cultural, social and economic development of society.

As a public institution, it also adheres to the responsibility for the development of the society and environment that surrounds it. As much as before, Charles University will, therefore, in the forthcoming period take part in the development of the regions in which it operates and contribute, through its activities, to the fulfilment of national priorities, such as those enshrined in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for higher education system, as well as international commitments such as supporting the European Higher Education and Research Area.

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development has a place in all faculties and units of Charles University and is intertwined with all its core roles and activities. In this regard, the university places great emphasis on interdisciplinarity and, above all, on active cooperation across the University's units and departments, as well as with our partners from the academic, private, government and non-profit sectors. Thanks to internationalization, it can link its education and research in this field with top institutes abroad.

The ambition of Charles University is to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in its primary roles, i.e. in education and research. However, the third role of universities is equally important, with the public service such as participating in public debate, popularizing research results and their transfer into practice. Given its size, however, Charles University must also meet its objectives in its own operations, from the functioning of the entire university to the level of individual students and staff.

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Latest update: 09/06/2023

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