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Sustainability @ University of Bologna

As the operational arm of the University’s administrative policy-setting bodies, the task of the Unibo Sostenibile Office is to plan, prepare and administer the strategic plans for sustainability. Its mission is to promote and consolidate the adoption of sustainability principles in the integrated performance of the functions and activities of the University at multi-campus level, via the definition of innovative strategies for sustainable development. The planning and implementation of projects and actions, intended to harmonise people-space-environment relations and facilitate lifestyles that are ever more responsible, seeks to reduce the environmental impact of the University and improve the quality of life in University areas.

Unibo Sostenibile is a point of reference and connection for all the sustainability projects, actions and initiatives undertaken by the University in order to encourage and disseminate an institutional culture of sustainability. All efforts are made with a view to sustainable development, innovation and continuous improvement, in line with domestic and European guidelines.

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The University of Bologna leads SDG 5: Gender Equality of the IAU Cluster on HESD.

Latest update: 02/04/2019

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