INCCA University of Colombia


INCCA University of Colombia

Universidad INCCA de Colombia
Carrera 13 Nº. 24 – 15
Bogota CUN
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INCCA University of Colombia, assumes as the fundamental purpose of its mission, to contribute directly to the social process of democratization of higher education, as a constitutional right of the Colombian people. For the materialization and achievement of such an expensive purpose, it provides from the most progressive developments of universal thought in all orders and scientific, technical, philosophical, epistemological and pedagogical advances, an integral formation of high quality, a foundation of the efficient performance of its professionals and researchers in the diverse disciplines and areas of knowledge, with a wide vision of the Contemporary Global Problems, a critical and creative sense of leadership and respect for the values of a more human society. 


As a direct reflection and expression of its social commitment, UNINCCA declares its firm willingness to consolidate itself as a superior academic centre for debate and free discussion of the contemporary social problems of the globalized world and the knowledge society, using its achievements in the different fields of knowledge, science and technology in the service and for the construction and development of Colombian society, within the framework of the State of Social Rights and a better world. In the present and in the immediate future, UNINCCA reaffirms its character as a Popular University projecting a greater local and national coverage of its programs and services for the working class, middle class and most vulnerable sectors of the Colombian population. 

Latest update: 02/13/2018