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Quisqueya University

Université Quisqueya
218, Av. Jean Paul 2
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Quisqueya University (uniQ) is a private higher education and research institution, fulfilling a public service mission, non-profit-making, without political affiliation or religious affiliation. It is recognized as a public utility by the Haitian State. Its motto is in Latin "Hominis beneficio cognoscere et agere", in French "La connaissance et l'action au service de l' homme", in Creole "N' ap apran-n et n' ap travay pou nou sèvi".

While remaining very attentive to the needs of its community as a determining factor in the choice of its curricula, uniQ has also implemented various projects related to education, research and development, in cooperation with nearly fifty academic and non-academic institutions in America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Latest update: 08/31/2023

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