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Mahawitthayalai Siam
38 Petchkasem Road, Phasi Chareon District,
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Mission and Vision

“Employability”, “Diversity” and “Sustainability”

          Siam University mission is to prepare students for their future careers in highly dynamic and globalized environment. We also focus on the study and promotion of Asian Wisdom and it’s implication on ASEAN community. We cultivate the sense of ethics and responsibility while respecting different cultures and belief as well as embracing diversity and sustainability.

          For over 40 years, Siam University has been developing and aiming toward international recognition as one of the leading universities in Asia, and will continue to expand its vision to make Siam University one of the world’s advanced educational institutions.



  • Founded in 1965 as a private Engineering School.
  • 1973 the Siam Technical College was formally established as a private, higher education institution with the authorization to grant degrees.
  • 1986 “Siam Technical College” became “Siam Technical University”.
  • At Present - the fifth largest private university with a student body containing over 16,000 students.
  • 11 faculties, 1 international college (3 programs), Graduate school.

Siam University is the member of the Sustainable University Network of Thailand (SUN)-

Sustainability @ Siam University


Siam University leads SDG 11 of the IAU Cluster on HESD. 

Latest update: 03/28/2022

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