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WU is committed to the principle of sustainability and is determined to bring it to life. WU applies the principles of sustainability to teaching, research, knowledge exchange and university management so that as a university it can fulfill its responsibility to society. 

The Competence Center for Sustainability was created in the summer 2013 to fill WU’s commitment to sustainability with life. It sees itself as a networking platform and as a service provider for WU in sustainability-related questions.


The WU Sustainability Map outlines the strong role sustainability already plays at WU today – in university management, research, teaching, and the university’s interaction and exchange with the public.

The findings of scientific research are one of a university’s main contributions to social development. Many of WU’s researchers work on sustainability-related research topics.

Scientists can assign themselves to the Competence Center for Sustainability in order to be supported in sustainability-related teaching and research. Twenty researchers have so far declared their affiliation with the Competence Center for Sustainability.

The Institute for Managing Sustainability looks at the economic, political, and social challenges faced when implementing the concept of sustainable development. The Institute’s researchers take an interdisciplinary approach in their research, teaching, and consulting activities.

The Institute for Ecological Economics and the Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development which are part of the Department Socioeconomics focus mainly on relevant spatial and environmental aspects of economic development in research and teaching.

The MSc program "Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy" (SEEP) provides students with the opportunity to learn about socioeconomic analysis tools and methods and how to apply them. The program focuses on ecological, economic, and social crises, on the major challenges of the 21st century, and on the connections between them. The program takes an interdisciplinary, international approach based on three main supporting pillars: theory, methodology, and application.

Contact for sustainable development activities

Dr. Fred LUKS, Head of the Competence Center for Sustainability



WU is also a member of COPERNICUS Alliance.

Latest update: 12/01/2017

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