National University of Distance Education


National University of Distance Education

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Avenida Advocat Fausto Caruana
46500 Sagunto Valencia
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Sustainability @ National University of Distance Education


To perform the public service of higher education through teaching, study, research and the transfer of knowledge, assuming the commitment of maximizing access to university education, continuity of studies and lifelong learning for all types of people. All this through the application of a specific "distance learning" methodology that combines advanced technologies with personalized tutoring in person and digital.


  • To be the reference university of the country, both in "distance" university teaching and in digital higher education based on the most advanced educational technologies, with the aim of projecting its essential activities mainly to countries that share the use of the Spanish language.
  • To be the public university that contributes the most to favor the access of Spanish society to higher education, incorporating into the university system all types of people, especially those who have difficulties of access, and offering an attractive, rigorous and adapted training offer to society under the principles of quality in teaching and academic excellence.
  • To be a university that integrates and values different resources to establish a model for the future of research and knowledge transfer.
Latest update: 10/17/2017

Actions towards sustainability for this university