WAHEN’s Strategic Aims

Capacity Building– To facilitate equity in higher education through the sharing, professionalisation and enhancement of practice related to higher education equity..

Collaboration – To enable and lead new shared partnerships between organisations working together, on a global basis, to achieve shared goals around equity in higher education.

Convening – To bring together those from across countries and sectors to affect change higher education equity.

Campaigning – To advocate to and work with policy-makers and governments around the world to make higher education more equitable.

Critical thinking – To create a space where research and scholarly activity related to higher education access, equity and success globally can be produced.

WAHEN builds on the work over the last 5 years of World Access to Higher Education Day (WAHED) – the international day of action which acts as a catalyst to address inequalities in higher education access and success. WAHED has engaged over 1000 organisations since 2018.

Latest update: 05/20/2022