Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC)

Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (SCC)

Bethesda, MD 20827
United States

The Sustainability Curriculum Consortium ™ (SCC) represents an opportunity to fill a gap within the sustainability movement in higher education. Essentially, the SCC sense that faculty professional development and curriculum development in this area have lagged behind other university initiatives in areas such as carbon/climate impact reduction, environmentally-conscious purchasing, and campus greening.

Even among Environmental Science and Environmental Studies faculty, there are ambiguity and conflict about what sustainability means, the complexity it embraces, and what its pedagogy should encompass. When comparing the language and practice of sustainability in academia with those of our counterparts in policy and industry, the SCC perceive there has been a slow rift in the last decade, one that faculty and curriculum development can uniquely (and must immediately) address.


Latest update: 05/16/2017
Sustainability Curriculum Consortium

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