IAU and OSB at SANORD Conference 2021

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IAU and OSB at SANORD Conference 2021

7-10 September 2021 - IAU and OSB session on 9 September

Ocean Sustainability Bergen: Bringing SDG 14 to the forefront of higher education

In this side event we look at how the virtual centre Ocean Sustainability Bergen is working with partners around the world to reshape higher education in ocean sciences for the future and in accordance with SDG14, Life below water.
Together with Ocean Sustainability Bergen (OSB), Lead for SDG 14 in the IAU HESD Cluster, IAU is organizing a session with experts from the Cluster and OSB partners to discuss how universities can contribute more efficiently to the achievement of SDG 14 and SDGs in general, by aligning research, teaching and other activities with Agenda 2030.

The IAU and OSB session takes place on 9 September 2pm CEST (session 4E).
The session will be organized with short presentations and an interactive discussion period where session attendees can direct questions to the speakers.


Welcome by Moderator Katja Enberg and Introductions

Keynote opening Lise Øvreås: Context-setting, OSB, Introducing the topic of higher education fostering transformative partnerships

Speaker 1 Hilligje van’t Land: How IAU and the IAU HESD Cluster are encouraging leadership for SD and taking a whole-institution approach

Speaker 2 Stacy Kennedy: Global Partnerships for SDGs – UWI perspective

Speaker 3 Martin Visbeck: Transdisciplinary partnerships and GEOMAR Kiel research cooperation on SDG 14 and higher education

Speaker 4 Isabelle Ansorge: Partnerships for SDG 14 research in higher education – University of Cape Town perspective

Speaker 5 Aschneel Chandra: USP and UiB: Experiences with the SDG 14 and SDG 13 Cluster network and research cooperation from a student perspective

Discussion guided by moderator, Q&A (all, approx. 20 min)

Closing words

Full programme here:

University of Bergen, press release 30.Aug 2021: https://www.uib.no/en/ocean/147487/ocean-sustainability-bergen-bringing-...

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goal : Life below water
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International Association of Universities (IAU)
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