MOOC on Transdisciplinarity

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MOOC on Transdisciplinarity

Partnering for Change: Link Research to Societal Challenge is an online course developed by the Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences and other partners

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“Partnering for Change - Link Research to Societal Challenges”

Next mentored course starts 22. February 2021
The course will be mentored from: 22. February to 4. April 2021
The course will be available on FutureLearn for inscription until end of 2021. Learners have 8 weeks free access to the course (from the date of the course start or their inscription respectively).
td-net keeps the complete MOOC material available:

Inscription is open and free:

We recommend the course for master students, PhDs and postdocs, project leaders, and practitioners engaged in research cooperation. However, everybody interested or involved in searching solutions for complex societal challenges will benefit from the course.
Course duration: 6 Weeks
Estimated study time: 30 hours in total
Proposed ECTS: 1-1.5 points for following the course
The course offers many opportunities to explore the topics more in depth, e.g. additional publications, case documents, videos and links, or taking the discussion prompts as basis for written exercises. This may justify to increase ECTS to 1.5 – 2 points or higher.
To reduce study time, it is possible to choose only two cases out of the five presented and follow only those.
ECTS points, including the respective tests have to be handled by the responsible lecturers according to their institutional regulations.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences