IIASA & ISC Reports on post-covid recovery and sustainability

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IIASA & ISC Reports on post-covid recovery and sustainability

The 4 thematic reports address Transformations within reach: Pathways to a sustainable and resilient world

It is clear that COVID-19 has drastically changed our world, but how can we use the lessons learnt to build a more resilient and sustainable future? The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and the International Science Council have drawn on the combined strengths and expertise of the two organizations to help find a way forward.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted almost every aspect of our lives over the past year, is a warning: We need to step back from business-as-usual onto new transformative pathways to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and the commitments of the Paris Agreement.

Systems science is ideally positioned to address global impacts and harness opportunities brought about by COVID-19, as only systemic thinking and approaches can ensure that investment in post-COVID-19 recovery efforts is leveraged to embed the structural changes required for long-term sustainability and resilience with the multiple dividends that these will confer.

To address emerging issues and provide science based insights to make this possible, IIASA and the ISC brought together experts from all over the world through the IIASA-ISC Consultative Science Platform “Bouncing Forward Sustainably: Pathways to a post-COVID world”.

One of the outputs of this cooperation are 4 thematic reports on:
1. Enhancing Governance for Sustainability
2. Strengthening Science Systems
3. Rethinking Energy Solutions
4. Resilient Food Systems

As well as a Synthesis Report: This report is a synthesis of the four thematic reports produced as part of the IIASA–ISC Consultative Science Platform and presents eight recommendations that have the potential to enable systemic transformations and structural changes.

More information and the reports for download can be found here:

Sustainable Development Goals

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