IAU and UNODC E4J Dialogue Series 1-4 December 2020

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IAU and UNODC E4J Dialogue Series 1-4 December 2020

IAU and Cluster Members are co-organizing a session on SDG16 and Higher Education

Following the success of the 2019 E4J International High-Level Conference and inspired by the vast array of innovative approaches from around the world to ensure that #LearningNeverStops, UNODC will host from 1-4 December 2020 the E4J Global Dialogue Series consisting of online discussions on the topics of education for the rule of law, youth voice and the role of schools and higher education institutions in contributing to the SDGs, in particular SDG 16. The discussions will focus on and target primary, secondary and tertiary education levels, with a particular emphasis on how the international education community needs to respond to the growing challenges that education is currently facing.

The International Association of Universities (IAU) and the UNODC Education for Justice (E4J) initiative are pleased to organize a joint Dialogue Session on Higher Education and SDG16 on Thursday, 3 December 14-15.30h CET as part of the E4J Global Dialogue Series (1-4 December 2020).

Recognizing the need to strengthen our collective efforts, stakeholders including Member States, various UN entities and academia have come up with more innovative approaches towards achieving the SDGs. Higher Education has a special role to play in educating future leaders; leaders are required to promote the rule of law thereby contributing to the achievement of SDG16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. In this context, the virtual dialogue aims to stress the link between Higher Education and SDG16.

- Dr Terry Beitzel, Professor of Justice Studies and director of the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence, James Madison University, USA
- Dr Kariuki Muigua, Environmental Consultant, Law Scholar, Senior Lecturer University of Nairobi, FCIArb, Chartered Arbitrator
- Dr Sansom Milton, Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Doha, Qatar
- Bianca Kopp, Global Coordinator of the higher education component of the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Moderator: Hilligje van’t Land, IAU Secretary-General

Next to the main IAU session on Dec 3, a session on Environmental Law on Dec 4 (13-14.30 CET) by the IAU Cluster Members Universtiy of Nairobi and University of Copenhagen on "Higher Education’s Role in Preventing Environmental Crime by Promoting SDG 16" is planned.

Full programme and session registration can be found here: https://www.unodc.org/e4j/en/about-e4j/global-dialogue-series-2020/regis...

Furthermore, IAU will participate in the High-level opening session to be held on Tuesday, Dec. 1 15-16 CET - Register here ; as well as High-Level Closing Panel on Friday, Dec. 4th, 15-16h CET - Register here

The online interactive discussions will also provide an avenue to discuss the future of education on issues related to justice, the rule of law, SDGs and social cohesion, from the perspective of the numerous international and distinguished partners, educators and academics that cooperate with E4J, as well as youth representatives and other beneficiaries.

The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative seeks to prevent crime and promote a culture of lawfulness through education activities designed for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. These activities help educators teach the next generation to better understand and address problems that can undermine the rule of law and encourage students to actively engage in their communities and future professions in this regard.

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