Examples of Best Practices for applying SDGs to Higher Education

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Examples of Best Practices for applying SDGs to Higher Education

Related to the SDG Accord and other intitiatives, EUAC (The Alliance for Sustainability and Leadership in Education) issued a document with examples of practice form universities and other partners ttiled "The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Higher and Further Education: What does this look like?".

It is widely agreed that integrating the SDGs into universities and colleges is both necessary and mutually beneficial. However there is a lack of agreement on what embedding SDGs should or could look like in a Higher or Further Education institute. 

The SDG targets are aimed at UN member states, and therefore it can be difficult for institutions to translate them for contribution from the education sector.

This resource makes an attempt at translating the targets into tangible actions universities and colleges can take towards each goal, and provides examples of where institutions have done this. The information for this resource has come primarily from SDG Accord signatories - and is therefore global, but with a heavy weighting toward the UK and Ireland as that is where most signatories are based. There are some supplementary examples added to better illustrate some of the SDGs.

Find the document here.

More information on the EUAC Sustainability Exchange website

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