France's Road Map for the 2030 Agenda

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France's Road Map for the 2030 Agenda

How can the way to a more sustainable future look like? The French Government's strategy to implement the SDGs was published in September 2019 after an extensive consultation process with ministry and civil society stakeholders.

2030 Agenda: an ambitious programme full of hope

France has fully assessed this agenda to establish a coherent road map setting out the major
transformations to carry out in French territory, in Europe and internationally. Preparing for
the future means stepping up the ecological transition of the economy and society.

This road map that France recently adopted addresses the many issues on the 2030
Agenda all at the same time, in order to take our society towards a model that is
more prosperous, more inclusive and more respectful of our environment. It
proposes to step up the pathways to progress starting with national issues
and measures that are already in place so that France can meet the
Sustainable Development Goals in 2030.
The road map sets the course for an entrepreneurial, inclusive and
ecological France that leaves no one behind and that does not live at the
future expense of its children or their environment. The search for social
justice, environmental ambition and France’s development are at the core
of the six main issues and commitments of this road map, taken on by all
The French approach aims to launch momentum for tangible action to achieve
the SDGs. The 2030 Agenda is now the go-to reference for sustainable
development in France and engages all stakeholders. This is the only way we will be
able to tangibly build a model for a more sustainable society that meets the needs of
everyone, regardless of their capabilities.

Road map for the 2030 Agenda (English)

Feuille de route pour l'Agenda 2030 (Francais) 

Sustainable Development Goals

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