The University of Gothenburg Topping Environmental Ranking

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The University of Gothenburg Topping Environmental Ranking

For a second straight year, the University of Gothenburg is topping the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s ranking of environmental management work among Swedish government agencies. In the Agency’s latest annual assessment, the University of Gothenburg scored an impressive 22 out of 23 possible points.

‘This is something the University can be proud of. We have worked hard to reduce our environmental impact for a long time, and the success is a result of persistent commitment from all parts of the organisation,’ says Pam Fredman, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg and IAU President. 

Every year in its annual report, the University presents the results of the previous year’s efforts to manage its environmental impact and sustainable development. The sustainability report shows that six of 14 goals have been achieved; for example, the number of scholarly articles dealing with sustainable development issues increased by 1 % from the previous year and the number of activities and collaborative projects related to sustainable development for students increased by 12 %. No change is recorded for four of the 14 goals, and the remaining four goals show a negative development from the previous year.

‘We are pleased to see that the University is keeping its top position in the environmental ranking. However, a lot of work remains since the development is negative in some areas. One such concern is that the University is increasing its emissions of carbon dioxide, mainly due to increased air travel,’ says Katarina Gårdfeldt, director of the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, the unit in charge of the University of Gothenburg’s environmental management work.

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