Coming soon: the Global Monitoring Report 2016

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Coming soon: the Global Monitoring Report 2016

The Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report (GMR) is an authoritative, analytical, evidence-based report, which has monitored progress on an almost annual basis towards the EFA goals, and the two education-related Millennium Development Goals since 2002. A final report on EFA achievements and remaining challenges is soon to be completed and will be launched in April 2015.


Starting in 2016, a new series of reports will monitor the state of education in the new framework of the anticipated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The first report in the series, the 2016 Report, will be ‘Education, sustainability and the post-2015 development agenda’, as decided with the strong support of the GMR Advisory Board. The 2016 report will focus on the complex interrelationships and links between education and key development sectors, and determine which education strategies, policies and programmes are most effectively linked to the economic, social, environmental and political priorities of the new sustainable development agenda. The report will also establish a new monitoring framework for education, and examine key financing and governance challenges for the post-2015 era.


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