ISCN 2014 award to University of Gothenburg

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ISCN 2014 award to University of Gothenburg

University of Gothenburg have been awarded the ”Excellence Award” from ISCN, the International Sustainable Campus Network.

“There are many examples where colleges and universities have developed Climate Strategies or Action Plans. What sets Gothenburg’s initiative apart is the integration of their plan with the management systems, organizational structures and behavioral change initiatives required to make these innovations truly sustainable in their own right. At the University of Gothenburg they have found that balance, and this award is intended to acknowledge that achievement. From their first recognition that this was something that needed to happen, to the engagement of a wide variety of stakeholders, to the integration of the plan with the academic mission of the institution, to bringing the local community into the planning and actions, the University of Gothenburg has shown the holistic thinking required of a campus that is well along the sustainability journey. This is what we are looking for in a sustainable campus.”

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