Call for papers "Education and sustainable development"

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Call for papers "Education and sustainable development"

Within the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development(2005-2014), the 3rd 2013 issue of the international revue Formazione & Insegnamento, published by the CISRE (Centro Internazionale degli Studi sulla Ricerca Educativa) of Cà Foscari University Venise, will focus on research for education and sustainable development.

The inclusion of education for sustainable development in all scholar disciplines of the first and second cycles, should now be at the center of concerns, to enable students acquire the knowledge and methods needed to save the planet. Educational research is required to accompany these changes in order to help decision makers understand the importance of educating citizens of the third millennium with a deep awareness of the interdependence of human societies to deal with the issue of survival of our globe . Thus, the question of which education for what development is at the heart of the debate in terms of the various disappointments recorded on promoting a shared vision of global development education.

By proposing to examine the link between education and development, this issue of Formazione & Insegnamento intends to explore new fields of research on the issue of education for sustainable development and its generalization in the educational system. The expected contributions will cover one or more of the following research topics:

  • Generalization of Education for Sustainable Development in School
  • Education for sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals
  • Education for sustainable development and postcolonial criticism
  • Pedagogy of Sustainable Development
  • The anchor of sustainable development in schools through the school Agenda 21
  • School governance through Green Management
  • Adult Education and Education for Sustainable Development.

Submission guidelines

  • Languages : English, French, Italian

  • provisional title

  • a summary of 10-15 lines accompanied by 5 to 10 key words

  • a brief presentation of the author


  • March 15th 2013 to propose a selection of articles
  • Mai 30th 2013 to return a written article


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