L'AIU présente au Spring Campus 2017 de l'UAS (en anglais)

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L'AIU présente au Spring Campus 2017 de l'UAS (en anglais)

From March 27-31 Freie Universität hosted the second Spring Campus event of the University Alliance for Sustainability on the topic “Societal Transformation to Sustainability: Universities as Pacesetters?”. IAU Deputy Secretary General, Dr. Hilligje van't Land, was one of the keynote speaker.

During the Spring Campus 2017, more than 150 researchers, practitioners and students from 32 universities, 11 institutes and 11 different countries contributed to the international sustainability discourse. Coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds, the participants shared experiences on how international networks can connect communities and trigger engagement in sustainability. 

Dr. Hilligje van’t Land, IAU Deputy Secretary General, shared insights from the 2016 IAU survey on Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development during the Opening Day on March 27.

Take a look at the UAS Spring Campus 2017 documentation, including Hilligje van't Land's presentation. 

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