Transformative Education in the 21st century– transatlantic perspectives

Transformative Education in the 21st century– transatlantic perspectives

From : Wednesday, May 5 2021
To : Wednesday, May 5 2021

Co-organized by the Austrian Embassy Ottawa, the Ban Ki-Moon Centre, and York University (IAU Cluster Lead SDG4)

Quickly changing environments, climate change, unprecedented developments in technology while we are collectively overcoming a global pandemic with the help of global networks of scientists sets the context of living with accelerating change. How are we educating future generations in a world that is marked by change yet full of opportunity? How can we prepare and empower students to become actively engaged citizens, taking responsible actions in a world of complexity and uncertainty to make it more sustainable? The United Nations 2030 Agenda calls for an Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in a Quality Education. What do these concepts entail and how can they change the way we look at education? How can education live up to its potential to be at the core of all efforts towards a sustainable future?

Join Monika Froehler, Chief Executive Officer of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens and Charles Hopkins, UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability at York University dialogue on educating future generations. The event will be hosted virtually by the Austrian Cultural Forum at the Austrian Embassy in Ottawa.

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