Unesco Third World Conference on Higher Education (WHEC2021)

Unesco Third World Conference on Higher Education (WHEC2021)

From : Thursday, October 7 2021
To : Saturday, October 9 2021

The World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2021) hosted in Barcelona aims at reshaping ideas and practices in higher education to ensure sustainable development for the planet and humanity.

Along with the purpose of creating an innovative and visionary conference, the WHEC2021 will be the culmination of a dynamical process, towards the achievement of a HED Roadmap 2030. This process will start earlier in the year, though the creation of an interactive platform that will call for the participation of the entire Higher Education Community (i.e.: youth, private stakeholders, academics, Higher Education institutions and the UNESCO network), fomenting different activities such as: research, surveys, consultations, panels, networking, webinars etc.
This will result in the production of content geared towards the success of the conference, while allowing a wider audience to learn and become informed about innovative practices in Higher Education.

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