2021 SDG Conference Bergen : The SDGs after the crisis (virtual)

2021 SDG Conference Bergen : The SDGs after the crisis (virtual)

From : Wednesday, February 10 2021
To : Friday, February 12 2021

The 2021 SDG Conference Bergen will focus on the overall necessity of overcoming inequality, in light of the pandemic crisis.

Recognizing this global fundamental challenge, this two-day conference focuses on tackling global inequalities, relevant for all of the goals, to achieve a new path for sustainable development, after the crisis.

The conference invites scholars and decisionmakers from across the world to discuss how economic, social, cultural, political, environmental and knowledge-based inequalities can be understood, challenged and addressed in a new, post-covid-19 light. Another crucial question this conference will address is the future of international health and science collaboration. There are clear signals that cross-border collaborations have been significant for handling the covid-19 crisis. But there are also strong forces using the opportunity to exit, and even sabotage, international obligations and collaborations.

This includes also the following questions: What is the effect of covid-19 on ambitions for equality? How do global inequalities and covid-19 affect the 2030 Agenda? Who decides what kinds of inequality count, in which contexts and determines the courses of action? How can we establish globally relevant ‘best practices’ and forms of global collaboration in research, sharing of knowledge and transformation?

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