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How to register your Institution / Organization and submit information for publication on the IAU HESD portal, and how to update the information published?

IAU Member institutions and organisations can register and showcase their Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD) initiatives on the portal by filling in the following form. Members may also send information to be published by contacting the IAU HESD team; yet, only contributions that provide all the information detailed in the form will be taken into account.

Data processing: what?

The data published on the portal includes:

  • HESD News, related to our Members, Partners…
  • Actions and Events related to HESD, sorted in the following categories:
    • Business & community outreach
    • Student engagement
    • Leadership, management & institutional development
    • Education, curriculum and professional development
    • Research
    • Assessment for integrating sustainable development
  • HESD References, sorted in the following categories:
    • Reports on HESD
    • Declarations and charters
    • Assessment Tools
    • Questionnaires and Surveys

Information on publications will be included on HEDBIB.

Data processing: when and how?

  • The data collected is subject to editing by the IAU HESD team;
  • Pages are created following the portal style sheet and published online;
  • Once the information is added to the portal, the institutions / organisations concerned are notified by email. Changes or updates to the information published may be requested at any time;
  • Through the IAU portal, you contribute directly to the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development.


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